Kripalu Yoga

Each yoga class includes breath work, flowing yoga postures, balancing postures, core work, meditation and relaxation.  When the body and mind are quiet, energy is balanced and you'll feel great.  Appropriate for beginners and experienced students of yoga.  Classic yoga is a 1.25 hour class.

Restorative Yoga

Unwind from everyday stress in candle-lit restorative yoga with essential oils.  Gentle warm-up stretching, nurturing poses, and meditations to nourish your soul join to create a unique experience. This class meets the 4th Monday of each month in place of the 6:00 pm Mount Vernon Unitarian Church class.  Restorative is a 1.5 hour class.

Body Prayer Yoga Dance 

Open and nourish sacred energy centers of the body.  Set to inspiring, funky, sacred healing world music, this inclusive off-the-mat workout is for every body and soul - regardless of prior dance or yoga experience.  Get your chakras spinning and dance your prayers.  Body Prayer meets the 2nd Monday of the month except holidays. See Body Prayer for more information.




​photography by Diana Sherblom,

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