Yoga is for Every Body and Mind

Kripalu Yoga
Moderate to Gentle Kripalu yoga classes combine mindful breathing, flowing warm-ups, foundational yoga poses, accessible balances, and deep relaxation.  Appropriate for beginners through seasoned yoga practitioners. 


Restorative Yoga by Candle-light with Essential Oils and Live Flute
Go deep and allow stress to evaporate in a supportive, slow, nurturing class for all levels. Tone your vagus nerve connecting breath with a slow, steady warm-up. Gentle, restorative postures are held for longer periods of time to allow the body's connective tissues to open and return to health. Deep relaxation with energy clearing sound and aromatherapy complete the experience. 4th Mondays.

Music Together Babies + Yoga

A Heathy Boost for Both of You!  Designed for parents or caregivers & newborns through 8 months in September. Breathe. Sing. Dance. Love. Stretch. Learn!

Text or call Cheryl Sabo, 703-244-3096 for a FREE Babies Welcome Gift and more information 

Body Prayer Yoga Dance
Yoga moves off the mat and meets with moving meditation to create embodied prayer. Jam to a wide variety of music. While the teacher offers ideas and accessible moves to follow, there is always the freedom to express your own dance. No previous dance or yoga experience is required, just a willingness to let go and open to the beauty of your being. Offered on EVEN Mondays each month.
Donations for the UCM food pantry gladly accepted in lieu of tuition for this class.
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